A video and web project for Matt's Gallery London 2016-2018

From July 2016 Matt's Gallery has posted each month an episode of Possessions_inc on its mailing list and website.

Part series, part blog, part essay, part talking head, Possessions_inc. is an expanding exploration of: ideas of value, ways we invest in objects, the Bilderberg owl, animatronics, the mystery of Rennes Le Chateau, codes, fakes, oligarchs, the missing head of Philip K Dick, treasure hunting, M.R. James, the V.I.P. Lounge, drug smuggling, computer animation, animism, Pygmalion and the insurance industry.

Watch video episodes online at matt's gallery

Read essay by Lars Bang Larsen

1 July 2016 - Episodes 1 & 2 

Episode 3: Philip K Dick, Volkswagen love and Jill's Christmas Gift.
Episode 4: Ten pounds of what, reading the hand and the Institute of Totalled Art.
Episode 5: What some people see, owls and the electric humming bird.
Episode 6: Telling a joke, the curious print, and movements that took place in Ireland.
Episode 7: How to tell a lie, a tale of two french men and a truck-load of art.
Episode 8: Hallucinations, Warhol's Trump, an old telephone conversation and a theory about a red right hand.
Episode 9: Dildos, mailboxes, things against us and the head of Philip K Dick
Episode 10: The Bird is the Word, A picnic in France, a placebo and the Republican collector
Episode 11: When you stop looking at statues, a blink, televisions attack, a talk with a door.
Episode 12: The suicide drawing, the conversation in France, Trump and the flying Renoir and the Voodoo dolls of eBay.
Episode 13: A Hot tub, a Simulation, an error in Spelling and the Da Vinci Code.
Episode 14: A possible venus, with falcon and owl.
Episode 15: The Priory of Sion, Operation Bluebeam and a chemical works on the River Ob.
Episode 16: Richard Prince vs Robert the Doll.
Episode 17: A history of iconoclasm and how to hack a Teddybear.
Episode 18: Richard Stanley, Blood on the Devil's Chessboard and the Dark Haired Girl.
Episode 19: The image on the screen, the grid behind and players without worlds.
Episode 20: A Da Vinci Code: making money, vandalism, fiction and value.
Episode 21: Paleolithic Cinema
Episode 22: On Clinton and the Church of Satan, Rennes and other Digital treasures.
Episode 23: The Tombman and Mary Magdalen: Max Ernst disapproves.
Episode 24: Donald Kuspit Blues pt 1 vs The Tombman.
Episode 25: Love your dog, love your car.
Episode 26: The artist always knows their work...
Episode 27: Carto-Erotomania vs the Red Wedge
Episode 28: Pierre Plantard: fakes, phones and fridges