Grayson Industries - I'm taking control of your life

music audio cd - 10 tracks 1985




Gets up early, you've got to get up early with this...this American Thing.

Got to take it for a walk each morning, it goes Bang Bang Bang Bang A-bang.

Give me some brain Ink. I said give me some Brain Ink, cos I've got

This American Thing.

And I've forgotten every word I wanted to say. All day Every day, All day, All day it goes......

I don't want it here although it's found safety in my pants (It's found safety in my pants?!)

Oh no I've got an American Thing! All day it goes Bang Bang Bang Bang

I sent it away. Far away. I mailed it first-class. And it came back return,

Return of post

This American Thing, it goes not known at this address.

All day it goes: Bang Bang Bang Bang


Lyrics and vocals: Richard Grayson
Music arrangement and production: David Barratt

© Richard Grayson/David Barratt 1985