Grayson Industries - I'm taking control of your life

music audio cd - 10 tracks 1985



Ben came down to breakfast wearing nothing but a pair of limegreen velveteen loons and he said " Do you ever get the feeling that your actions are not yours at all but are being directed by small bald aliens from some distant star?"


"No" I said, deftly turning over a fried egg, "What are you on?" I asked.


"It doesn't matter about the drugs" he said "because the song remains the same..........."

Jenny's a big girl with sad eyes from some small town in Norfolk. She has mirrored everything that she can lay her hands on, at random, from the walls to her waistcoats to the tips of her shoes. It's so she can sparkle in conversation. She says that nowadays she has given up on sex and things like that, but she is deeply attracted by Wally Jumblatt. '"I mean, who could refuse a Druze?"


The song remains the same you see.


Tony doesn't worry himself about politics at all. he is busy converting his cerebellum into a small portable compost heap through the use of all the exotic vegetable alkalies he can lay his hands on. it's to provide a source of heat, he says, in the oncoming nuclear winter.


It doesn't matter about the drugs, because the song remains the same you see.


We haven't seen Jessica for some time now. She was terribly impressed by reading the texts of the 1968 French student rebellions, therefore she has only just finished barricading herself in her room. She has declared it a 'People's Utopian Space" and is awaiting the revolution there armed with only three hundred and thirty three bottles of mineral water and a years supply of bean-sprouts.


Alternatively she may have pissed off to Kashmir. No-one really seems to know for sure.


She hasn't paid any of her bills though.


Oh the song remains the same.


Yes the song remains the same.


Lyrics and vocals: Richard Grayson
Music arrangement and production: David Barratt

© Richard Grayson/David Barratt 1985