Grayson Industries - I'm taking control of your life

music audio cd - 10 tracks 1985




He's there. he's got it. These are the fruits of what he has been working towards for so long. it's good with the extra security of a platinum card: you're made welcome at the most exclusive hotels. This is your world and you deserve it...It makes you feel at the centre of all things.


Staying Up Late


I just thought that I'd call you up,

And tell you that things are going pretty well I guess.

I'm up on the twenty seventh floor,

And I'm in a room that is twenty paces by twenty five.

I know this. because I've measured it.

With my nine and a half sized feet.


And one wall is glass and the others are dusty pink,

With ivory fittings and chrome.

It's really rather nice.

And there's no-one here but me,

Although room service are terribly charming.

And all I can see is lights and buildings and buildings and lights and

Aeroplanes coming into land.

It looks like blood from here.

Not an original thought I'll give you.

Staying up late, looking out my window, watching

The cars go by.

And the aeroplanes coming into land.

It makes me feel at the centre of things:

I know it's not an original thought.


Everything in this room is in sachets, which are difficult to open.

But that's life I guess.

And I heard a great joke today

From two guys I met in the bar

Who are in town for a marketing convention.

There's an awful lot of money around this place.

But I've forgotten the punch line.

And in a moment I'm going to call down to room service,

And order a bottle of red wine. And we'll have a bit of repartee

And they'll think "Hey, what a friendly guy!"

And then I'm going to sit here,

And watch the lights

And watch the buildings and lights.


Staying up late.

Looking out my window

Watching the cars go by and the aeroplanes coming into land

I'm so big

Sitting in my chair (here)

It makes me feel

At the centre of all things.


Lyrics and vocals: Richard Grayson
Music arrangement and production: David Barratt

© Richard Grayson/David Barratt 1985